PR and Culture Event in 2018


December 2, The first JLPT test conducted in the GCC

The first Japanese Language proficiency test(JLPT) was conducted at the Qatar University for the first time in the GCC. Approximately 40 people took the test according to their levels. JLPT measures and certifies the level of Japanese language proficiency and is conducted in more than 60 countries.

Qatar University

November 25, Economist Dr. Sayuri Shirai, gives two lectures at Qatar University and Doha Bank

Sayuri Shirai, Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University and Visiting Scholar of Asian Development Bank Institute gave separate lectures at the Qatar University and the Doha Bank on 25th November. “Japan and the Global Economy -Some Reference to Qatar-” was attended by the students and professors of International Affairs and Business and Economics faculties of the University, as well as “Changing Global Economics and their impact on growth momentum” were well received by the members of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and their excellences Ambassadors in Qatar. Dr. Shirai received series of questions by the audiences.

shrai shrai
Dr. Sayuri Shirai at Qatar University Asking questions to Dr. Sayuri Shirai
shrai shrai
The lecture at Doha Bank Audience at Doha Bank

September 20, Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka attended opening ceremony of artist AYUMI ENDO’s exhibition at Katara.

Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition "I want to keep feeling humanity as something beautiful." by AYUMI ENDO at Katara Cultural Village in the presence of deputy general manager for operations Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al-Said of Katara. In accordance with this exhibition, AYUMI ENDO produced the portraits of Amir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, H H the Father Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani and H H Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, completing the last part of the project at the opening ceremony.

Artist AYUMI ENDO(left), Ambassador Ootsuka(center), dancer Mr. MILO(right) Ambassador Otsuka and Katara’s deputy general manager for operations Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al-Said toured together with AYUMI ENDO.
Combining the three portraits, Qatar national flag appears. AYUMI ENDO and dancer MILO performed to express an art in accordance with music.

May 8, Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka visited two schools in Al Khor to present children’s drawings and calligraphies

Ambassador of Japan to the State of Qatar, Seiichi Otsuka, visited two schools in Al Khor — Al Khor Primary School for Girls and Abdulla bin Ali Al Misnad Independent School for boys, separately in order to deliver pictures and calligraphies drawn and written by pupils in Asa town, Hiroshima city, Japan.
Mr. Toshiaki Hato, Managing Director of Doha Office of Marubeni Corporation, who has been supporting the activities of the Qatar Association in Asa community and Mr. Hamad Ali from Public Relations Department of Qatargas, were present.
Asa town in Japan and Qatar have historical links. When the “12th Asian Games” was held in Hiroshima in 1994, Hiroshima carried out “one-town-one country support” project. It was decided at that time that Asa town would support the Qatari team. This relationship did not end with the Asian Games. The “Qatar Association in Asa" was established in July 1996 with the aim of maintaining friendship with the State of Qatar. The Asa community visited Qatar three times by far. Each time, the Asa community has come with pictures and calligraphies drawn and written by pupils from schools in Asa town.

Al Khor Al Khor
Mr. Hamad Ali (left), Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka (2nd left), Mr. Ibrahim Hamad Al-Mohannadi, Principal of Abdulla bin Ali Al Misnad Independent School for boys (2nd right)and Mr. Toshiaki Hato of marubeni Doha office (right) Pupils of Al Khor Independent School for Girls

May 7 Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka visited Tariq Bin Ziyad Independent Secondary School for Boys for Book donation

Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka visited Tariq Bin Ziyad Independent Secondary School for Boys for Book donation. Books were handed over to the school’s principal Mr. Hamad Al-Mannai. TBZ school is currently the only independent school in Qatar that teaches Japanese language in secondary school’s curriculum.

The principal, Mr. Hamad Al-Mannai (left) and Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka (right) Japanese books are displayed in the school library for students

April 24, Mrs. Haruhi Otsuka hosting Calligraphy and Kimono Demonstration

Mrs. Haruhi Otsuka, the wife of the Ambassador of Japan to the State of Qatar Seiichi Otsuka, recently hosted a Japanese cultural event during the monthly SOHOM (Spouses of Heads of Mission) meeting at the Ambassador’s residence. Eighty-three guests attended the meeting including many Qatari ladies. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen the existing strong relationship between Japan and Qatar and between Japan and other countries.
The meeting included a demonstration of Japanese Calligraphy ‘Shodo,’ the traditional attire ‘Kimono and Obi (belt)’ under the theme of “One Spring Day.” All the guests were asked to dress in pink or yellow which are the symbolic colors in the spring time in Japan.
The Japanese Calligraphy master introduced the process of making ink as the important step to reach inner silence before starting to write. Her tranquil performance written on the ‘Kakejiku’ (hanging scroll) and magnificent ‘Shodo’ mesmerized the audience. The elegant ‘Kimono’ show was performed by Doha Kimono Club accompanied by the music ‘Stand Alone’ which was written by Joe Hisaishi. Guests also enjoyed the buffet of various kind of Japanese cuisine.

Mrs. Haruhi Otsuka giving opening speech (left) Participants enjoying the show
Calligraphy master writing “a day of spring” Kimono master folded Obi belt like a flower
Japanese women volunteered to perform the Kimono show Mrs. Haruhi Otsuka (Center), Qatar Kimono Club and a Calligrapher

April 17, Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka donated books on the occasion of inauguration ceremony of Early Childhood Center, Qatar University

Ambassador of Japan to the State of Qatar, Seiichi Otsuka, donated books for children in conjunction with the inauguration ceremony of Early Childhood Center, Qatar University. The President of Qatar University Dr. Hassan Al Derham, LNG Japan and Qatari companies who donated the building were present among others

culturehbku culturehbku
Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka presenting Children’s books to Dr Fatima Al-Maadadi, Director of Early Childhood Center
First row from the left: Dr. Ahmad Al Emadi, Dean of College of Education, Qatar University, Darwish Al Emadi, Vice president, Dr Fatima Al-Maadadi, Director of Early Childhood Center, Dr. Abdullah Al Misnad, Former president, Dr. Hassan Al Dirham, President, Mr. Ghanim Al-Kuwari, COO of Human Capital, Qatar Gas, Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka, , Chairman

March 14, “The Japan Day” at Embassy’s new chancellery

On 14th March, the Embassy of Japan held “The Japan Day” at the Embassy’s new chancellery by having lecture, demonstration and workshop classes on “Easy Sushi making”, “Japanese calligraphy”, “Japanese for the first time”, “Let’s try Kimono” and “Origami” simultaneously. Participants enjoyed exposure to some fascinating aspects of Japanese culture.

yokoso japan yokoso japan
Participants making Maki rolls in “Easy Sushi making” class
yokoso japan yokoso japan
Japanese Calligraphy lecture, demonstration and workshop
yokoso japan yokoso japan
“Japanese for the first time” class using materials prepared by an instructor
yokoso japan yokoso japan
Let's try Kimono and Origami

March 13, 7th College Fair at Al Wakra Independent School for Boys

The Embassy of Japan in the State of Qatar participated in “Al Wakra Independent School for Boys' 7th College Fair” organized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Al Wakra Independent School for Boys'. Many students and their parents visited Embassy booth and showed their interest to study in Japan by inquiring various scholarship opportunities and school curriculum at Japanese universities.

Inquiring study in Japan Calligraphy workshop

March 10, “The 10th Japanese Speech contest” at Qatar University

On 10th March, “The 10th Japanese Speech Contest in Qatar” was held at Qatar University, organized by the Embassy of Japan, Qatar University and the Japanese Language Teachers’ Association in Qatar (JALTAQ). 22 Japanese language learners had an opportunity to present their language skills. The contest was followed by “Rakugo”, a traditional form of Japanese comedy, by Ms. Ikram from Qatar University, as well as reception serving Washoku (Japanese cuisine), where participants and audience mingled.

speech contest speech contestu
Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka delivering his opening remarks A contestant giving his speech
speech contest speech contest
Contestants receiving Participation Award Mr. Mohammed Elfatih won the first place at free topic category (2nd left)
speech contest speech contest
Ms. Ikram entertained audience by Rakugo Group photo with Ambassador Otsuka, participants and sponsors

March 4-5, Japanese cultural event at Qatar University

The Japanese cultural event "Day in Nihon 4" was held at the Qatar University organized by the Embassy of Japan and the Japanese Club of the Qatar University. About 800 students and staffs of the University visited the event and showed strong interest in tea ceremony, Kimono and calligraphy.

shafallahhina shafallahhina
Kimono trial Tea ceremony workshop
shafallahhina shafallahhina
Tasting of Maccha (Green Tea)and Konpeito(Japanese sweets) Students showing strong interests in calligraphy

February 8, Ambassador Otsuka certified Commendation

On February 8, Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka awarded Certificate of Commendation at his residence for three Qatari Nationals, who graduated from Japanese universities. The graduates talked about their experiences and impressions of Japan while they were students in Japan.

Ambassador Otsuka and three Qatari graduates from Japanese universities

January 3, Japanese Book Donation to Hamad Medical Corporation

Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka donated 18 Japanese books to Hamad Medical Corporation on January 3, 2018 at the Ambassador’s residence. The donation comes as a contribution from the embassy to support HMC’s latest unique initiative and project known as “Patient Experience Library” that aims to create a better experience for patients from different countries by offering them books to read in their mother languages.

Ambassador Otsuka delivered books to Mr. Nasser Al-Naimi, Deputy Chief Quality Officer at HMC, who expressed his gratitude to the embassy for its valuable contribution to the mobile trolley.

It is noteworthy that the Embassy holds book donations for many public institutions in Qatar including Qatar National Library, Qatar University, Qatar Olympic Committee, Universities under Qatar Foundation, Ministry of Culture and Sports, among many others.


cultureHMC cultureHMC
Guests tasted sweetened bean curded rice cake and green tea sweet bean jelly with roasted tea for New Year Japanese books donated to Hamad Medical Corporation
Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka and Mr. Nasser Al-Naimi, Deputy Chief Quality Officer at HMC