PR and Culture Event in 2015


December 2~12 “Japan booth at the 26th Doha International Book Fair”

The Embassy of Japan, in cooperation with the Japan Foundation, set up the “Japan Booth” at the 26th Doha International Book Fair, which was held from 2nd to 12th of December 2015. Wide range of Japanese books were displayed in the booth and the Japanese culture was introduced through the demonstration of Japanese calligraphy and Origami. The Kinokuniya Books - Dubai participated in the Book Fair and many visitors were attracted by Japanese MANGA.

Japanese Embassy set up the “Japan Booth”at the 26th Doha International Book Fair Many people visited the “Japan booth”
A popular Character’s mask displayed at Japan booth Children happily holding their names written in Japanese
Many Japanese “MANGA” were displayed at Kinokuniya Books -Dubai Qatari volunteer showing Japanese calligraphy


November 10-12, Japan Cultural Week “Japan Week”

The Embassy of Japan in Qatar in cooperation with “Junko Sushi & Japanese Dining” Restaurant, hosted the Japan cultural week “Japan week” event for three days from November 10 to 12 at Pearl, Doha.

“Japan week” was proposed by Mr. Kiyohisa Nanri, Advisor to the Ambassador to Qatar for Japanese food in order to introduce the high-end Japanese food products, the true WASHOKU.

In addition to, “Soba Demonstration” that used ingredients brought from Nishimeya Village located at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shirakami Mountains in Aomori prefecture, “Japan Week” also featured slicing demonstration of a huge raw Tuna fish in the traditional Japanese style (in cooperation with the president of J-trading Kobe Inc). For three days, many people enjoyed the Japanese cuisine, registered as World Intangible Cultural Heritage through the tastes of Onigiri (Japanese rice balls), green tea as well as sweets made from the tasty apples of Aomori prefecture.

Aomori prefecture’s special Tsugaru Paints and wooden crafts were also displayed. The cultural convergence between Japan and Qatar was celebrated through giving visitors the opportunity to try out kimono and Japanese style Abaya (tailored from Kimono textile), which gained the event an amiable feedback.

The event succeeded in delivering the experience of Japanese culture through Japanese food and costumes, and presented itself as an opportunity to introduce the true Japan which cannot be easily transmitted to Qatar.

Ambassador Shingo Tsuda delivering the opening remarks Soba(Japanese Noodle), Rice ball and Apples from Aomori
Cutting 60kg Tuna fish in Japanese traditional style People enjoying freshly cut Tuna
Kimono and Abaya (made from the kimono fabric) Their Excellencies the Ambassadors, Mr. Kiyohisa Nanri (Fourth from the right), Ms. Junko Nanri (Third from the right)
Qatari gentleman trying Soba(Japanese Noodles) making Group photo with Mrs. Junko Nanri (Front row, third from the left) and Mr. Kiyohisa Nanri (Front row first in the right ) ,JUNKO restaurant


October 19-21, The 6th Qatar International College Fair

The Embassy of the Japan in the State of Qatar participated in “the 6th International College Fair (QICF)” organized by the Supreme Education Council (SEC) held at Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC). H.E. Dr. Mohammed Al-Hammadi, Minister of Education, the Chairman of SEC and Ambassador Shingo Tsuda were present at the opening ceremony. Many students and parents visited the Embassy’s booth and showed their interest in the education system and various scholarship opportunities in the Japanese universities.

Ambassador Shingo Tsuda attended the opening ceremony. Second from the right is H.E. Dr. Mohammed Al-Hammadi, Minister of Education and the Chairmen of SEC

Booth of the Japanese Embassy at “the 6th Qatar International College Fair”

Many students and parents were eagerly inquiring about studying abroad


September 2, Ambassador Shingo Tsuda attends the final presentation and Closing Ceremony of Coupling Internship (CIS) Program

On September 2, the closing ceremony of the Coupling Internship (CIS) Program between Qatar University and Osaka University was held at Qatar University, followed by final presentations from the students of both universities. The program was initiated in 2014 with the aim to conduct internship at Chiyoda Al-Mana Corporation. Over the past two years, a total number of 16 students have benefited out of this CIS Program. The ceremony was attended by Ambassador of Japan, Singo Tsuda, Dr Mazen Hasna Vice president and Academic Officer, Qatar University, Mr. Shizuka Ikawa, Managing Director of Chiyoda-Almana Corporation and Ms. Nobuko Yoneda, Vice Dean of Faculty of Foreign Studies, Osaka University.

Ambassador Shingo Tsuda delivering a speech The presentation by Group A interns, composed by two Japanese and two Qatari students
The presentation by Group B Ambassador Shingo Tsuda and intern students with QU vice president Dr Mazen Hasna, Chiyoda Almana managing director Mr. Ikawa, OU vice dean of Faculty of Foreign Studies Prof Yoneda with other participants of the event


May 9, 7th Japanese Speech contest at Japan School of Doha

The Embassy of Japan and the Japanese Teachers’ Association in Qatar (JALTAQ) organized the 7th Japanese Speech Contest on 9th May at the Japan School of Doha. 28 Japanese language learners, whose number doubled from last year, had an opportunity to present their language skills in front of the audience of about 140. Mr. Salman, last year’s winner, took part of moderator. The contest was followed by a speech by Mr. Saad, winner of 2013 contest, as well as songs were sang by pupil of the Japan School of Doha.

Opening Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Shingo Tsuda Mr. Raed Al-Emadi won the first place and received a round trip ticket to Japan
Group photo of H.E. Ambassador Shingo Tsuda, participants and sponsors Mr. Salman Al-Khaldi (left) was the moderator of this year’s speech contest


May 4, 4th Qatar University Study Abroad Fair

The Embassy of Japan in Qatar took part in the “4th Qatar University Study Abroad fair 2015” which was organized by Qatar University on 4th of May, 2015. Many students, including Qatari nationals showed strong interest in studying in Japan and obtaining the information of the Japanese government scholarships.

Qatari students shows interest in studying in Japan 1 Qatari students shows interest in studying in Japan 2



April 19 ~ 25, Cherry Blossom Festival

The St. Regis Doha held Cherry Blossom Festival from April 19 ~ 25, 2015. The festival started with a Kimono show followed by an ikebana demonstration, Japanese tea ceremony, and a drum performance by students of the Japan School of Doha. People who visited this festival also enjoyed the Japanese cuisine and had the opportunity to experience the diversity of Japanese culture.

Cherry Blossom Festival at St.Regis       Japanese Traditional Fashion: Kimono
Japanese Tea Drum performance by students of the Japan School of Doha

February 26 Japanese Confectionary Event at Qatar University

H.E. Mr. Shingo Tsuda, Ambassador of Japan, attended at “Qatar University“ the Japanese Confectionary Event” that was hosted on February the 26th by the College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University, in cooperation with Marubeni Company. A Live demonstration of the Japanese confectionary making, along with explanation of the history of the Japanese sweets, was presented by Toraya, the renowned Japanese confectionary company. Moreover, traditional teaceremony was demonstrated by the tea ceremony club students of the University of Tokyo. A Kimono demonstration was presented by “Qatar Kimono Club” and “attracted mass attention.

Dates in Yokan Live demonstration of the Japanese confectionary making by Toraya


January 15 ~ January 17, Doha International book fair

The Embassy of Japan participated in the “25th Doha International Book Fair” which was organized by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of Qatar. The event was held from the 7th till the 17th of January 2015. In cooperation with the Japan Foundation, the Embassy of Japan set up a booth at the fair where a wide range of Japanese books were displayed such as Anime, martial arts, Japanese foods, architecture, language studies, children’s books and magazines etc. For the purpose of promoting the Japanese culture, various demonstrations were carried out at the booth among which was calligraphy, Japanese traditional toy Kendama and Origami. Many fans of the Japanese culture had the opportunity to purchase from the bookstore “Books Kinokuniya” (Dubai) Various Japanese books mainly manga and origami.

H.E.Ambassador Shingo Tsuda explaining Japanese calligraphy to H.E. Dr.Hamad Al Kuwari, Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage at "Japan booth" H.E.Ambassador Shingo Tsuda and H.E. Dr.Hamad Al Kuwari, Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage at "Books Kinokuniya"(Dubai)
Qatari enjoy`s calligraphy Books Kinokuniya from Dubai set up the booth next to "Embassy of Japan Booth"