PR and Culture Event in 2017/2018

February 8, Ambassador Otsuka certified Commendation

On February 8, Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka awarded Certificate of Commendation at his residence for three Qatari Nationals, who graduated from Japanese universities. The graduates talked about their experiences and impressions of Japan while they were students in Japan.

Ambassador Otsuka and three Qatari graduates from Japanese universities

January 3, Japanese Book Donation to Hamad Medical Corporation

Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka donated 18 Japanese books to Hamad Medical Corporation on January 3, 2018 at the Ambassador’s residence. The donation comes as a contribution from the embassy to support HMC’s latest unique initiative and project known as “Patient Experience Library” that aims to create a better experience for patients from different countries by offering them books to read in their mother languages.

Ambassador Otsuka delivered books to Mr. Nasser Al-Naimi, Deputy Chief Quality Officer at HMC, who expressed his gratitude to the embassy for its valuable contribution to the mobile trolley.

It is noteworthy that the Embassy holds book donations for many public institutions in Qatar including Qatar National Library, Qatar University, Qatar Olympic Committee, Universities under Qatar Foundation, Ministry of Culture and Sports, among many others.

cultureHMC cultureHMC
Guests tasted sweetened bean curded rice cake and green tea sweet bean jelly with roasted tea for New Year Japanese books donated to Hamad Medical Corporation
Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka and Mr. Nasser Al-Naimi, Deputy Chief Quality Officer at HMC

November 15, Book Donation and Japanese Culture Event at Georgetown University in Qatar

Ambassador Otsuka visited the Japanese cultural event at Georgetown University in Qatar and donated books related to Japanese politics, economy, and history to Dr. Ahmad Dallal, Dean of Georgetown University in Qatar. Ambassador also met with Dr. Kai-Henrik Barth and his students who visited Japan this spring for their study.

culturehbku culturehbku
Ambassador Otsuka (center) donated books to Dr. Ahmad Dallal, Dean of Georgetown University in Qatar (right) and Dr. Donna Hanson, Director of the Library (left) Books including Japanese politics, economy, and history are donated
culturehbku culturehbku
Aikido demonstration Attendees posing in Kimono with Japanese umbrellas
culturehbku culturehbku
Calligraphy demonstration Kids trying Origami

October 24, Ambassador Otsuka donated books on sport to Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC)

Ambassador of Japan to the State of Qatar, Seiichi Otsuka, met with the Secretary General of Qatar Olympic Committee, Mr. Jassim Rashid Al-Buenain, at QOC on October 24, 2017. During the meeting, Ambassador Otsuka discussed the ways to strengthen the cooperation in sport field between the two countries with Mr. Al-Buenain and donated Japanese martial arts related books such as Aikido and Karate. This marks the 8th donation of books to QOC since 2009.

Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka (right) and Dr. Mazen Hasnah, President of Hamad Bin Khalifa University (right)

Reception for Japan and Qatar national U18 football team

On September 28th, U-18 national team for football of Japan and Qatar who took part in “U-19 Four Nations” friendly match gathered at Ambassador Otsuka’s Residence where Ambassador Otsuka host a reception for them and gave a speech of encouragement.

football1 football2
Mr. Masaki Ohira, head of Japan national team U-18(left), Ambassador Otsuka(center)and Mr. Mohammed Al-Muhannadi of Qatar Football Association(right) Japanese and Qatari National team of U-18. They exchanged signed balls

15th May, 2017 Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka met with Dr. Mazen Hasnah, President of Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka visited Hamad Bin Khalifa University on May 15th, 2017 and met with Dr. Mazen Hasnah, President of Hamad Bin Khalifa University. During the meeting, they discussed ways to further enhance cooperation in educational field which was followed by Japanese book donation to the University.

Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka (right) and Dr. Mazen Hasnah, President of Hamad Bin Khalifa University (right)

April 29, Kimono workshop at the “11th Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition”

The Embassy of Japan participated in the “11th Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition” held at Doha Exhibition & Conference Center from 28th April to 2nd May, by displaying traditional Kimono at the booth. On 29th April, Kimono workshop was conducted by showing different kinds of Kimono to the audience with the participation of “Qatar Kimono Club”, followed by Kimono Abaya show designed by Japanese designer “Jeywn by Eriko”, which attracted many female audience.

culturehbku culturehbku
Kimono and kimono Abaya exhibited at the booth of the Embassy of Japan
culturehbku culturehbku
Ambassador Otsuka explaining about Kimono at the Embassy of Japan’s booth to an official from the Qatar Tourism Authority on 28th April at the opening Kimono gained attention at the event

March 22, Japanese Cultural Event at HBKU

The Embassy of Japan organized a cultural event at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) on March 22. The event showcased a variety of Japanese traditional games and crafts such as Origami, Kendama, Koma (spinning tops) together with the display of traditional food samples and festival decorations. Many students showed great interest in Yukata tryouts, Japanese calligraphy and the demonstration of the Japanese martial art “Aikido”.

culturehbku culturehbku
Guests lining up to have their names written in Japanese A Demonstration of the Japanese traditional toy “Koma”
culturehbku culturehbku
Students enjoyed taking photos in Kimono Students enjoyed taking photos in Kimono
culturehbku culturehbku
Audience were fascinated by Aikido workshop Seasonal decorations and traditional food samples were on display

March 14, Students from Shafallah Center celebrated Girl’s Festival “Hinamatsuri”

On March 14, Ambassador and Mrs. Otsuka invited 40 guests including 25 students from Shafallah Center at Ambassador’s residence to celebrate the Japanese girl’s festival “Hinamatsuri”. The event started with a brief introduction of the Hina dolls, followed by a series of entertaining events, such as Origami, Kendama (Japanese wooden toys), Yukata tryouts, Calligraphy and a demonstration of the Japanese martial art of ‘Aikido’. Both teachers and students had a great time experiencing these unique aspects of the Japanese culture.

shafallahhina shafallahhina
Shafallah students posing for a group photo with Ambassador and Mrs. Otsuka Girl student wearing Yukata
shafallahhina shafallahhina
Guests lining up for calligraphy performance A demonstration of Japanese martial art “Aikido”

March 5, The Great East Japan earthquake photo exhibition “Then and After” at Qatar University

In March, 6 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Embassy of Japan and Qatar University, in collaboration with Marubeni Corporation, organized “Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Then and After” photo Exhibition at Qatar University. During the exhibition, photos showing the situation both, right after the tsunami and after the progress in the reconstruction process were displayed. In addition, the Japanese documentary film “Sanma and Qatar” was screened, which depicts the recovery process of the small town of Onagawa. The exhibition presented a good opportunity to reiterate Japan’s gratitude to Qatar for providing recovery assistance of 100 million dollars and additional supply of 4 million ton of LNG. Ambassador Otsuka, Dr. Hassan Al-Dirham, President of Qatar University, Mr. Hato, Director of Marubeni corporation-doha office and Mr. Khalifa Al-Kuwari, Director of QFFD were present at the opening ceremony.

tsunamiexpo tsunamiexpo
Ambassador Otsuka delivering his opening speech Mr. Hato (left), Ambassador Otsuka (Second from left), Dr. Al Derham (Second from right), Mr. Alkuwari (right) at opening ceremony
tsunamiexpo tsunamiexpo
Touring the exhibition Ambassador and Dr. Al Derham having a friendly conversation

March 11, “The 9th Annual Japanese Speech contest” at Qatar University

On 11th March, “The 9th Annual Japanese Speech Contest” was held at Qatar University, organized by the Embassy of Japan, Qatar University and the Japanese Language Teachers’ Association in Qatar (JALTAQ). 21 Japanese language learners had an opportunity to present their language skills. The contest was followed by “Aikido” demonstration and “Rakugo”, a traditional form of Japanese comedy, as well as reception serving Washoku (Japanese cuisine), where participants and audience mingled.

speechcontest speechcontest
Ambassador Otsuka delivering his opening speech Mr. Ibrahim Abbas Ahmed won the first place at free topic category
speechcontest speechcontest
Audience listening carefully to the speeches A demonstration of Japanese martial art “Aikido” attracted the audience
speechcontest speechcontest
Rakugo, presented by Japanese club, Qatar University A group photo of Ambassador Otsuka, participants and sponsors

February 23, Japan Cultural Week “Japan Week”

The Embassy of Japan in Qatar, in cooperation with “Junko Sushi & Japanese Dining” Restaurant, held a cultural event “Japan week” to celebrate the growing cultural exchange between Japan and Qatar. Japan Week was proposed by Mr. Kiyohisa Nanri, Advisor to the Ambassador of Japan to Qatar for Japanese food in order to promote high-end Japanese food products and genuine Japanese culture in Qatar. Many dignitaries were present at the event, including Ambassador and Mrs. Otsuka, Mr. Ibrahim Fakhro, Director of Protocol Department from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, members of the ruling family, business people and students. The event featured slicing demonstration of a huge raw Tuna fish ‘TOROKURO MAGURO’ in Japanese style (in cooperation with the president of J-trading Kobe Inc) and the way of making Japanese tea ‘SENCHA, HOJICHA, GENMAICHA’ by Mr. Sugimoto, which was brought from Mie prefecture. Many people enjoyed the genuine taste of Japanese agricultural products such as ‘AMAOU strawberry’ and Japanese green tea ‘YAMECHA’ from Fukuoka prefecture, ‘NOMUMOMO’ juice from Fukushima prefecture, as well as the juice made from the tasty apples of Aomori prefecture. Ishikawa prefecture’s traditional crafts (in cooperation with the president of Kutaniyaki-Dentokougeishi) were also displayed and succeeded in presenting an opportunity to introduce the beauty of Japanese craft to many people in Qatar.

japanweek japanweek
Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka delivering the opening remarks ‘AMAOU Strawberry’ from Fukuoka prefecture
japanweek japanweek
Cutting Tuna fish ‘TOROKURO MAGURO’ in Japanese style Cutting Tuna fish ‘TOROKURO MAGURO’ in Japanese style
japanweek japanweek
Enjoyed tasting three different Japanese teas Mr. Kiyohisa Nanri (left), Ms. Junko Nanri (second from the left), and Mr. Ibrahim Fakhro (second from the right), Ambassador Otsuka (Right)

February 16, 2017 Reunion Reception at Ambassador’s Residence

On February 16, Ambassador Seiichi Otsuka hosted Reunion Reception at his residence for those who have visited Japan from Qatar, under the various government-sponsored programs including the one organized by Qatar Leadership Center. During the event, the attendees talked about their memories and impressions on Japan while enjoying Japanese delicacies as Sushi, Dorayaki, Japanese sweet, and green tea.

reunion reunion
A Participant speaks about his memorable experience in Japan Hinaningyo (Hina-dolls) decoration at the residence
reunion reunion
Captain Tsubasa (Majid) translated in Arabic Participants enjoyed Dorayaki(red-bean pancake) and Sushi