11th Qatar Japanese Speech Contest

1. Event Information
  Date/Time: Saturday, March 9, 2019
  Place: Qatar University, Administration Building (B01) - Reception Hall

  Organizer: The Embassy of Japan in the State of Qatar
  Co-organizer : Japanese Language Teachers’ Association in Qatar (JALTAQ) and Qatar University 
  Contact: Embassy of Japan in the State of Qatar (eojqatar@dh.mofa.go.jp)

2. Entry Qualifications

 Eligible candidates fulfil the following;
  1. Non-native Japanese speaker and resident of Qatar
  2. Studying Japanese language at Qatar University , other educational institutions accredited by the Qatari government or currently studying Japanese language with JALTAQ.
  3. If not belonging to any of the aforementioned institutions or not studying with a JALTAQ teacher, the contestant needs to have more than 6 months experience of studying Japanese in Qatar.
 Not qualified if you have;
  1. Studied Japanese language more than 3 months in Japan
  2. Lived in Japan longer than 6 months
  3. Won the 1st place in this contest in the past

3. Entry
   a. Please contact your teacher to apply. The application forms will be collected by teachers in their respective institutions.   
   b. Contestants who don’t belong to any institutions may contact Embassy of Japan in the State of Qatar (eojqatar@dh.mofa.go.jp) directly. Pleae click here to download Entry Form.
4. Speech Categories
A Recitation None Participants will read a story of his/her choice from the pre- designated topics.
 *Please select one title; 1) Omusubi Kororin, 2) Joha and Donkey, 3) Wild Rose
B Free Topic 2½-3 min. Participants will give a speech about a topic of his/her choice with a title.
C Free Topic 4-5 min. ・Participants will give a speech about a topic of his/her choice with a title.
・At the end of the speech, participants will be given questions related to his/her speech in Japanese. Ansewr to the questions.

5. Registration and Submission Schedule
   Registration deadline: Thursday, January 31, 2019
A, B, C Title of the speech February 7
B, C Japanese speech copy February 21
B, C English summary February 24

6. Judging
  • Criteria: content and construction, pronunciation and the manner.
  • Slides or any other tools used for illustration will not be permitted.
  • Overtime will be subjected to point deduction.
  • Category A is suitable for contestants participating for the first time.
  • For Category B and C, they will be subject to points deduction, if they read a copy of the speech.
  • Contestants on Category C will be asked questions after the speech which will be included in judging.

 We look forward to seeing you at our 11th Japanese speech contest on March 9th,2019. Good luck!